Mysterious Bogomils

MYSTERIOUS BOGOMILSThe bogomils professed themselves the heirs of the ancient hyperboreans. It is known that fourteen great holy nations used to live in the hyperborean united human family. Their distinguishing feature was the atmosphere of tenderness and trust love, reigning among them.

Purity, which was achieved with a special dedication to the Immaculate Virgin Mother supposed to be a basis of sanctity. The entire inner human transfiguration was accomplished by the power of virgin purity.

The bogomils have taught: 'God is love, pure and virginal, in which there is no place for punishment, judgment, evil, illness and death. God does not permit for a man  any evil be it directly or indirectly. All evil is from- the prince of this world, the devil. "

The achievement by a human heavenly goodness was meant as holiness by the bogomils. Phenomenal kindness of the bogomils has won instantly. But this goodness is particular by origin – out of the source of the original immaculacy.

The depth of the bogomils teaching about a human astonishes. They have taught that a man is born in heaven from the last myrrh drop of love of our Most high and is the immortal divinity.

At the approach of a soul to earth the prince of this world made fraudulently the adaptive remodeling with her , in consequence of which the soul has forgotten about the good Father, the heavenly fatherland, and mistakenly confesses the prince of this world, as her father and creator.


An act of faith of the bogomils is in penetrating mentally at the treachery of the prince of this world, posing as a god of earth, and return into the union with the true Father.

The bogomils have recognized only power and language of love, rejecting the language of authoritarianism and usurpation. Any forcing and violence were categorically excluded.

'Oh, if only people knew what life is possible on earth! They would leave their worldly concerns and are simple and pure as we are!'- the bogomils used to exclaim like children.

Surprising was the fact that at the beginning of the spiritual path almost no effort required. Only then, much later, when the spiritual battle began, the application of forces and deep inner work were essential.

The sinful nature has been destroyed by the fire of the divine love. The confession of the open heart has been encouraged excluding judgment and fear of punishment. The father-tutor, and his spiritual child have been in a wonderful dialogue of mutual love. The lamentation, which was easily to get in an atmosphere of perfect goodness and peace...

BOGOMIL PROPHET F.JOHNOur contemporary, the anointed John Bogomil had inherited from the Slavic elders a spiritual treasure of the ancient bogomils. In his numerous books he reveals the secrets of this great spiritual movement and experienced implements in the communities organized by him.

The bogomils communities have been led by elders, who were reaching to the level of personified deities. Their faces have shone with supercelestial light, they possessed secrets of the spiritual way, worked miracles of healing, resurrected from dead.

They were given the right to determine the fates of the world, to guide the earthly and spiritual processes. They have possessed might over the elements, communicated with birds, animals and plants in their languages.

The divine spirit of love and wisdom has dwelled on them, their every word was sacred and inviolable. For the most part they used to be in seclusion, in unceasing prayer and contemplation.

The bogomils set as their object bringing back to mankind a universal spirituality, through which a man returns his divine dignity, lost as a result of adaptive remodelling.

The future of humanity is in spirituality of the Cathars, John Bogomil states, prophetically proclaiming the birth of a new civilization, like the ancient Hyperborea, when the divinities became human beings and humans were divinized.

B. Eagles