Cathar prophet John Bogomil


His sobbing hot tears heart captivates instantly. The mysterious beauty of the high spirituality charms and fiery zeal for perfect holiness carries after. I want more than to emulate, but to be united with him to draw endlessly from the inscrutable depth. He is the anointed one of the highest sign, that appears on earth maybe once in a thousand years.

John Bogomil is the light of ineffable love, the founder of a new spiritual school, which inherits the wisdom of the ancient Hyperborea. The deeply devoted to the mystical secrets one gives them not as much through the wisdom of a word, as imparts the very breath and trembling, encouraging his followers to  exploit: being in light of the high love amidst general moral desolation.

"How low a person would have fallen, an inexhaustible potential of love is kept safe in him, - John Bogomil teaches. It is so important today: to learn the only language of love and to dismiss human reasons, scores and judges, your little truth, gained through much suffering! The age of a word is over- the age of the heart comes: the revelation of love, which is waited by mankind for!"

From childhood, he has been signed with the seal of the selected ones and guidance from above. From his youth he seeked after a spiritual father, he met a spiritual mother, Hyperborean eldress Euphrosinia. It was she who opened the way of the non-posessional, not from this world faith, the gate of the mysterious Church of love.


Later the Blessed Virgin appeared to John Bogomil and calling him "a kindred one", "by spirit of Me” as She had said Seraphim of Sarov in former times, raised on the prophetic ministry to mankind.

More than forty volumes of the "Revelations of Our Lady" are the result of the confidential dialogues of Fr.John with the heavenly Queen and a new page in the universal chronicle of appearances of the Most Pure Virgin.

The basic theme of the Revelations - the proclamation of the new Church of love, that brings virginal, seraphic divine humanity.

The special theme of John Bogomil is the Golgotha of Solovki, where 100000 of the martyrs repeated the earthy feat of our Savior in reality. Complete oblivion threatened them, the martyrs of GULAG. But the greatest beatitude has been found by them after their reappraisal of values and voluntary consent to take martyrdom.

FATHER OF PERFECT KINDNESSThe teaching about the Chalice of the Grail gives the lost love back to mankind. Who is honoured with having the sweetest drink from the Grail, that one is transfigured into a celestial being on earth.

The anointed one believes pure love as the highest treasure. "There are many ways to God - John Bogomil teaches, but the way of love is the most wonderful and blissful of them. Only those can follow it, who takes seals of virginity and craves for the cross. The rest of the paths is only preparation to the way of love." How much the inflamed candle of love in the heart should be flared up to proclaim the way of virgin love in a wild burst of feelings.

Every his speech, book, revelation is a unique new word that is revealed to humanity each time as the first one. Any meeting with him transfigures, ennobles: seemingly, in no way remarkable, ordinary person changes in the twinkling of an eye into a beautiful by face angel, shaken to the bottom of his heart with the  revelation of the ineffable beauty of the unearthly wisdom.

The paramount, what you can learn from John Bogomil is exorbitant love to people. Having been illuminated with it, you begin to understand how mysterious and beautiful human is before eyes of a kind and loving father.