The Mystery of Mary Magdalene

Today, many myths and legends exist about Mary Magdalene. Stories of desposins from the Dynasty of the Invincible Knights can be found in Tibetan chronicles which portray Galahad, Percival, Lohengrin and others as the children of Mary Magdalene and Christ. She is depicted as a mistress in tales about minnesingers by Wolfram von Eschenbach. Christian theologians insist on the immaculacy of the Saviour and believe Mary Magdalene to be the former raging loose woman, who was healed by Christ and subsequently achieved certain holiness. However, none of these myths are true.

Another legend from the Holy Grail exists which tells us there was great confrontation between Mary and the apostle Paul. The legend says they disagreed over Christ's mission. It also states that Peter was a Jew who came from an ancient dynasty of rabbis and that he was theologically educated by Gamaliiil and other Israeli teachers .

Peter claimed that Christ’s Father was the Judaic God called Elohim. Mary Magdalene categorically denied this and affirmed that Elohim was the Prince of this world . She testified that Christ’s Father was a kind God called the Father of Pure Love.

Mary Magdalene flatly denied a bookish-scholastic cognition of Christ and believed that He could only be percieved through the heart. She exposed the dogmatism of philosophers in their repeated crucifixition of Christ. She pleaded that Christ should not be analyzed but followed.

Mary’s popularity and authority pushed Peter and Pauls heroic deeds into the background. Peter and his followers did everything possible to disparge the authority of Christs chosen one.

Mary Magdalenes opponents spread many rumours to discredit her reputation and she was characterised as a whore, a heretic, a crazy one and witch in the gospels. The truth is that Mary came from a distinguished, aristocatic, respectable family and had never been a prostitute. She founded a spiritual school which was popular in Europe and other areas and countries. Mary Magdalene revealed the love of Christ to her pupils and taught them that the highest level of spirituality was to see the deity hidden within mankind.

Today, John Bogomil has inherited Mary Magdalenes spiritual school. He writes wonderful treatises about the myrrh bearing woman from Magdala and organises spiritual events, retreats and communities in her honour.