Astrology of Hyperborea

Immaculacy is the main feature which distinguishes ancient Hyperborea from the modern technocratic civilization. There were  no fallen sinners or  common people in Hyperborea. Only gods, deities and god-men lived there.

Hyperborea was literally inhabited with divinities who descended from Heaven. Divinities were embodied, and men were divinized. The purpose of earthly life for man was to become a deity.

It was a deity’s mission to divinize the animal and vegetable kingdom. Some animals in Hyperborea reached the level of demigod.

An alternative astrological system to the present one based on the teaching of twelve zodiacs existed in Hyperborea.

The wise men of Hyperborea  rejected the twelve zodiac constellations as false. The elders believed that the twelve zodiacs were created by humanoids to substitute  the primordial teaching of the sixteen star galaxies. The Hyperboreans considered low space to be an alien sphere which brought destruction to Earth.

The Hyperborean astrology  of sixteen kind constellations opposes the humanoid astrology system of twelve zodiacs.

According to  Hyperborean astrology, the main constellation is Big Bear – the throne of Father and Mother of Pure Love, united in their monad.

The second is Small Bear. Kind philanthropic divinities are born on it.

The third is Svarog, the planet of kind divinity in the hypostasis of Father and man.

The fourth is Lada, the planet of the Mother of the world.

Then there are 12 lesser constellations :

The Lion which is the strength of the warrior and the knight.

Peroun, as a symbol of the universal super wisdom.

The white Eagle which means flight into higher worlds.

The Swan symbolizes an immaculate womanhood.

The Lyre is the planet of minnesingers and minstrels.

The Calf means the sacrificial lamb.

The Virgin is the constellation of virgins.

Pegasus is the unique spirituality that lends wings to souls.

Hair of Veronica means to win with the strength of love.

Volopas is the constellation of the custodians of The Grail.

Hercules opens the mystery of how man becomes a deity.

Perseus is the planet of prophets and anointed ones.



Hyperborean astrologists rejected the Hindu idea of reincarnation. They taught  that the multiple embodiment of each human soul on Earth should be in the order of divinization.

The wise men of Hyperborea taught how to open 144 inner castles in the spiritual heart. They considered the practice of opening astral chakras as the continuation of Lucifer’s adaptive remodeling.

‘Man comes to Earth to perceive  a Higher Love and multiply it in the spiritual treasure box of the heart,’  affirms the outstanding spiritual leader John Bogomil. In his own esoteric discourses John of the Holy Grail reveals the mysteries of the Hyperborean practice of the transubstantiation of man into deity.

This unique, once forgotten ancient Hyperborean astrology should be actively revived now. Those searching for the truth may reach  spiritual perfection through  the  practice of  divinization  under the protection of the sixteen kind constellations.