Cathar Saint mother Euphrosinia

The mystery of Euphrosinia is the fact that she is an anointed one. There is no one equal to her in terms of spiritual strength. Nobody ever believed that this ordinary elderly woman could be a great saint. Externally she had the appearance of a homeless beggar. She was buried wearing the same plain coat she had worn for ten years, in a simple battened coffin. And it was in it that she began shedding myrrh.

She was an exceptional teacher, a seer, who possessed overwhelming spiritual gifts. Many people changed beyond recognition with her help and they achieved perfect holiness in a short time.

She was successful because she was full of love. She categorically denied all forms of usurpation, punishment and violence. Euphrosinia lived in another dimension and was absolutely not from this world. The basis of her mystical school was pure heavenly love. She firmly believed that man can only be changed by this unearthly love.

Pharisees offended, hated and sometimes even beat her. She never complained or judged them. She considered erstwhile sorrows to be a gift and an honour. John Bogomil, Euphrosinia’s disciple and heir, writes about her: “If you snuggle up to her, you will get warm … this beautiful Mother who emitted the fragrance of myrrh  became a forerunner and sign of the Savior for  me. It was a complete constant surprise to me why nobody saw this holy living being. “Unless your love increases, your way is in vain,” – admonishes Euphrosinia and “unless you grow in love, all your heroic deeds are a trap”.

Euphrosinia was given a strength to heal at springs. When she looked at someone, she knew everything about them. Efrosinia gave invaluable advice, and those who followed it, could change their life for the better. Everything she touched began to shine. Her prayer was fiery. The gospel became a joyful nuptial and sorrows were blissful with her. The Cross and bliss were Euphrosinia’s spheres.

She is the Mother of the great Church of Love. Countless numbers of people have been healed by her relics. Thousands of chosen ones come to spiritual retreats and communities organized by John Bogomil in honor of the glorious elder one today from all corners of the earth. New devotees are born and are vested with Euphrosinia’s strength and spirit.

In several years after her assumption, Mother Euphrosinia’s little coffin was opened, and everybody gasped: her imperishable relics were literally overflowing with myrrh. God had glorified His chosen one.

"Don’t ask anything from God except the gift of the Holy Spirit. Ask nothing from anyone except a prayer. Life in God is a continuous joy. Let the soul fly when doing prostrations. One should smell fragrant when fasting and rise during prayer. Shine at springs. Be joyful in sorrows. You should win your enemies with love." This is her revelationary postmortem (from the book “The Myrrh Bearing Saint Mother Euphrosinia”).