Queen Guan Min (an East Asian bodhisattva commonly known as Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy) is on her thousand-petal lotus throne, surrounded by sixteen kind constellations. With authority, she stands on the world’s axis and turns it, clockwise, towards becoming kinder.

O, exceeding mercy! How it is needed by those dying in hospices and the seven billion who are starving and suffering, and reach out! Thus, those born of earth yearn all the more for the Honoured Mother…

O, the bliss of Guan Min! O, her extreme kindness, accepted as the ideal!

Her one and a half thousand other names take second place. The one which remains is the Mother who is Limitless Kindness. She is so generous that she gives herself to the very last. You only need to glance at her and she will pour herself into the depths of the underworld, filling voids, the vacuums of black holes, caves inhabited by vampires and ghosts, of which, alas, there are many in decrepit mankind…

There is extreme evil within humanity: endless wars, atomic warheads, hatred, persecution, falsehood, oppression, and so on… Mankind is infinitely evil. Venomous reptiles and wild, bloodthirsty beasts are not capable of such cruelty and evil…

Cathar Saint mother Euphrosinia

The mystery of Euphrosinia is the fact that she is an anointed one. There is no one equal to her in terms of spiritual strength. Nobody ever believed that this ordinary elderly woman could be a great saint. Externally she had the appearance of a homeless beggar. She was buried wearing the same plain coat she had worn for ten years, in a simple battened coffin. And it was in it that she began shedding myrrh.

She was an exceptional teacher, a seer, who possessed overwhelming spiritual gifts. Many people changed beyond recognition with her help and they achieved perfect holiness in a short time.

She was successful because she was full of love. She categorically denied all forms of usurpation, punishment and violence. Euphrosinia lived in another dimension and was absolutely not from this world. The basis of her mystical school was pure heavenly love. She firmly believed that man can only be changed by this unearthly love.

Astrology of Hyperborea

Immaculacy is the main feature which distinguishes ancient Hyperborea from the modern technocratic civilization. There were  no fallen sinners or  common people in Hyperborea. Only gods, deities and god-men lived there.

Hyperborea was literally inhabited with divinities who descended from Heaven. Divinities were embodied, and men were divinized. The purpose of earthly life for man was to become a deity.

It was a deity’s mission to divinize the animal and vegetable kingdom. Some animals in Hyperborea reached the level of demigod.

An alternative astrological system to the present one based on the teaching of twelve zodiacs existed in Hyperborea.

The wise men of Hyperborea  rejected the twelve zodiac constellations as false. The elders believed that the twelve zodiacs were created by humanoids to substitute  the primordial teaching of the sixteen star galaxies. The Hyperboreans considered low space to be an alien sphere which brought destruction to Earth.

Mysterious Bogomils

MYSTERIOUS BOGOMILSThe bogomils professed themselves the heirs of the ancient hyperboreans. It is known that fourteen great holy nations used to live in the hyperborean united human family. Their distinguishing feature was the atmosphere of tenderness and trust love, reigning among them.

Purity, which was achieved with a special dedication to the Immaculate Virgin Mother supposed to be a basis of sanctity. The entire inner human transfiguration was accomplished by the power of virgin purity.

The bogomils have taught: 'God is love, pure and virginal, in which there is no place for punishment, judgment, evil, illness and death. God does not permit for a man  any evil be it directly or indirectly. All evil is from- the prince of this world, the devil. "

The achievement by a human heavenly goodness was meant as holiness by the bogomils. Phenomenal kindness of the bogomils has won instantly. But this goodness is particular by origin – out of the source of the original immaculacy.

The depth of the bogomils teaching about a human astonishes. They have taught that a man is born in heaven from the last myrrh drop of love of our Most high and is the immortal divinity.